Single Family Homes

It’s all about personal preference. Both Single Family and Streetscape homes have similar sizes, with comparable finishes, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The difference is the shape of the lot and orientation of the home. The simplest explanation is that a standard single-family home generally has the garage attached to the front of the home, whereas a streetscape home generally has the garage located within the overall outline of the home. The two examples below have equal living space and equal garage sizes.

Another difference is that a Standard single family home has minimum 1.2 m (3.93 ft) side on both sides of the home, where a streetscape has a minimum 0.75 m (2.46 ft) foot and a minimum 1.05 m (3.44 ft) side yard. Again, it all comes down to what fits your lifestyle.

Some advantages you’ll find with a Streetscape home include:

  • The best of both worlds – you’ll be able to have a front attached garage AND a good sized veranda for a welcoming feel

  • Your home will be the highlight, not the garage. The curb appeal of these homes is one above the rest!

  • You’ll get more windows with a Streetscape home as the fire code simply allows for it! You’ll have way more natural light filling your home.

  • You’ll be unique – the streetscape product is new to the market after a long run of the traditional single-family homes. You’ll stand out and help create a non-cookie cutter look on your street!



Excel Homes

Excel Homes is in the business of making dreams come true. Since first breaking ground in 1988, we’ve built over 10,000 homes, received more than 50 awards for design and sustainability, and maintained our status as one of Alberta’s top builders. Today, our mission is simple: to create an unparalleled home ownership experience for our customers. To accomplish this, we’ve harnessed the power and ideas of our forward thinking team and reimagined the home buying process.

Excel Homes builds Streetscape and traditional front attached garage homes in Arbours of Keswick.

Kanvi Homes

Step into a Kanvi Home and discover breath taking contemporary designs. Kanvi Homes masterfully brings the benefits of modern construction practices, high level of details and beautiful design. Over the last ten years we’ve been recognized by our design excellence and our dedication to a calm and clear client experience. Large kitchens for culinary masters, sensational and exciting ensuites, open spaces and warm bright natural light are all hallmarks of a Kanvi Home. Kanvi Homes, live life modern.

Kanvi Homes is building Streetscape and traditional front attached garage homes in The Arbours as well as double and triple car front attached garage homes in Arbour Estates.



Rohit Communities

At Rohit Communities, we believe that everyone deserves to live in style. Say goodbye to boring beige and hello to a designer-curated home that suits your unique lifestyle. We’ve changed the game with six exclusive, globally-inspired home styles design boards which are destroying the typical cookie-cutter look of new homes. Find your style with a single family or duplex home by Rohit Communities.

For over 30 years, Rohit Communities has been a leading home builder in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Fort Saskatchewan, and the recipient of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association 2016 Edmonton Multi-Family Home Builder of the Year award.

Rohit Communities builds Streetscape homes, traditional front attached garage homes, and front-back duplexes in The Arbours.

Art Homes

Art Homes is a local, family owned company originating in 2006, that builds a variety of custom and spec homes in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We believe in honesty, integrity, service, quality – and most importantly, creating enduring relationships with our clients. Art Homes’ standard home package includes many environmentally friendly products and procedures, as well as innovative, leading edge designs. Along with green features, we offer stunning artistic and elegant touches that make your home exceptional. We know what your new home means to your family!